3 Parenting Tips You Won’t Hear All That Often

We all aim to be good parents and always try to provide the right guidance and support for our children, especially during their formative early years at school.

There is plenty of advice around on how to bring them up and most of it would have been told to you by your parents at the same age, so here are 3 parenting tips that you perhaps won’t hear all that often. 

Parenting TipsHealthy eating 

We all know that kids need to eat healthily and need to consume plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, but getting them to eat some of this stuff can be a real challenge. There is plenty of debate about whether parents can influence their child’s attitude to food and there is more than a grain of truth in the lead by example way of parenting.

Children often love to imitate their parents in so many ways, from your mannerisms, to what you say and of course by watching what you eat, taking the lead from your eating and snacking habits and copying it.

You are a role model and they will develop habits that are often based around the lifestyle that they see you leading, so to pack their school lunch with nothing but healthy food while they see you taking a chocolate bar for a snack is not exactly going to encourage them to eat everything that you give them.

Some parents say that having a small bowl of sweets around the house all the time actually reduces the temptation to over-indulge when they are given treats as it is not seen as something quite so forbidden and therefore not as tempting. The same would apply with their lunch box, try putting a small un-healthy treat in there for them like a piece of candy and it will encourage them to eat everything and help them to develop a goof level of respect for foods that are both good and bad, if consumed in greater quantities.

Lice do exist 

Many parents would like to think that head lice are something that other children get but not their own and the sight of a problem on their own child’s scalp or a letter from the school warning of a potential problem, normally sends a lot of parents into full panic mode.

Many parents are duly embarrassed when they discover their children have got lice and some almost feel ashamed to visit the drug store to get some treatment, hoping they don’t see anyone they know while they are there.

Here is a good parenting tip, use a lice removal service to rid your child of the problem in a quick and highly efficient way. You can use an in-home service or visit a salon that provides this service and the good news is that the service is discreet, it normally only requires one appointment and it is safe as no pesticides or chemicals are used, if you go to a professional lice removal service.

Expressing their personality

The third parenting tip that you probably won’t hear that often is to not get too hung up on your kids dress sense or preferences when it comes to clothes.

A child will develop into a happy and balanced adult if they have the love and support of their parents while they are growing up so why not cut them a little slack and let them dress in a style that expresses their individual personality.

Obviously there are limits as to what is acceptable attire for their age but it is often to embrace their ideas and run with it as much as possible rather than try to fight back with a level of conformity that may not allow to feel as expressive as they might want to be.

Parenting is never an easy task and there are plenty of bumps in the road along the way but a little bit of left field thinking now and again can go a long way.

Anthony Jensen is an educator. He enjoys writing about his years of experience to help other educators and families make the most of a child’s education.


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