3 Sports that Your Child is Guaranteed to Stick With

With the proliferation of modern technology, it’s more difficult than ever to get your children interested in sport.  Sometimes, offering the standard options of football, netball or cricket just won’t be enough to entice them to pick up a new sport and get active.  If you’re struggling for innovative ideas, we’ve selected our favourites and put them into this convenient list.



Over the past couple of years, skateboarding has had resurgence in popularity.  It will be easy to entice your child onto a skateboard or longboard because it’s not something you have to define as a ‘sport’. It’s more of an activity which your child can partake in with their friends.

By teaming up with other parents at Christmas and buying all of your children longboards like the ones available from Skate Hut, your kids will be motivated to go out and use them. Just ensure you also purchase for them the relevant pads and protectors, you want them to have fun, but to be kept out of the 25,000 people annually who are treated in hospital emergency rooms for skateboard-related injuries.



This is a great sport which you might not have even considered if you don’t know where your nearest climbing wall is.  Although you could technically head for the countryside to experience real cliff-faces, it’s better that your children learn to climb in a safe, indoor environment where they are being watched and monitored.

Although climbing lessons can be expensive, the sport itself makes for an extremely thorough entire-body workout, as well as being a good confidence builder.  Climbing or abseiling are particularly sensible options if you’re looking to participate alongside them, as they’ll need somebody at the bottom of the rope.



This is one for when they’re a little bit older, but you should bear it in mind for when the time comes around.  Although paintballing can be potentially dangerous, it’s an excellent way to get your kids exercising while they build social and tactical skills.  You don’t even necessarily need to visit a purpose-built paintballing course. If you buy the correct equipment and live by a suitable location, there are plenty of game modes you and your kids could try out for free.

Although paintballing is a somewhat dangerous sport to let your kids participate in, taking the correct health and safety precautions will minimise their chances of an accident.  Therefore, a high-quality mask and thick body armour are essential, and the extra weight will help them burn calories faster, too.

So there you have it, 3 of our favourite sports which your child is guaranteed to stick with.

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