5 Questions to Ask Your Nanny Before You Hire

When introducing a nanny to your home, parents everywhere will be looking to find the very best candidate for the job but how can you ensure you ask all the right questions during the hiring process? Childcare recruitment agency County Nannies has prepared 10 questions to ask so you can become one step closer to finding a professional that is in tune with your family and its needs.

What childcare qualifications and experience do you have?

As well as having the experience to guide your children in the right direction, candidates who have a good theoretical knowledge of the role are highly prized. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their previous positions and why they left, this will tell you a lot about a candidate’s passion for the industry and for the children in his/her care.

Ask specifically about the experience that each candidate has with children of similar ages.

Can you provide references?

References will be a vital indication of whether your prospective nanny is as good on paper as they are in person. Ask for both written references and details of previous employers that you can contact personally via phone or post to ensure you achieve a broad view about their character. In addition to this, make sure you run all the necessary background checks.

How flexible is your schedule?

There may be instances where you require additional support, and whether that be in school holidays, early in the morning or late at night, you have to ensure your candidate will be available at these crucial times.

What can you offer us?

Whether you are looking for a candidate with an outgoing persona to keep up with your children or want to get the most out of your new employee in terms of pay rate and holiday allowances, asking a candidate outright about what they can provide your family with on a long and short term basis is essential. This will set the boundaries of your professional relationship and ensure you are on the right page from day one.

What can we offer you?

This final question works in conjunction with the previous, and again defines your working relationship even during this early stage.

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