Baby Shower Bothers: Finding the Perfect Gift

If you’re yet to have kids yourself, no doubt you’re racking your brains for a baby shower gift as soon as the invite drops through your door. For women who already have kids, they know the drill, and they know what they found the most useful out of the gifts they received, but if you’re a novice when it comes to baby showers, you’re going to need some advice. Luckily, we’ve put together the perfect baby shower gift guide to help you out.

Nursing Clothes

It’s always a safe bet to go for a practical gift that will make a new mother’s life easier, and considering breastfeeding can be one of the most problematic challenges, nursing clothes will make the perfect gift. Featuring pull aside necklines and side openings, nursing clothes from somewhere like Mama Latte are a clever way to make breastfeeding in public easier and expectant mothers might not even know they exist, so it makes a nice surprise.

Pre-Natal Spa Day

Pregnancy can take its toll on a woman’s body, and no doubt the mother-to-be is suffering from aches and pains. Before the baby arrives and life gets hectic for her, arrange a pre-natal spa day for her and her partner to give them time to relax together. Book the expectant mother a relaxing treatment like a massage, or even a facial to help boost that pregnancy glow.

Baby’s First Photos

Vouchers for a family photo shoot are also a nice idea as it’s something many mothers intend to do but just never get round to it. If you’ve already bought them a pre-paid voucher, all they have to do is book the date and turn up. No doubt they treasure the pictures for the rest of their lives, meaning you’ll have given a gift that really will last a lifetime.

Personalised Scrapbook

If money is tight, why not embark on a little DIY project? Buy some supplies from your local craft store. Whatever gift you choose to give, make it something unexpected. No doubt the mother-to-be will have plenty of baby-grows and pacifiers already, so get her something that’s going to make her feel special.and get to work creating a scrapbook of happy memories throughout the expectant mother’s pregnancy. Decorate pages for special milestones like the baby’s first birthday and leave blank spaces for the parents to insert their own photos as they go along.

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