Baby Shower Gifts Moms Will Use Daily

Baby showers are an exciting way for everyone to celebrate the upcoming birth of an infant. No matter what particular themed shower you have or its characteristics, enlisting the help of some of the most practical gifts new moms will use in their daily life can make things seem less challenging for both infant and parent.

Baby Bouncer-Rockers

If you’re looking for the ultimate in soothing pleasure, baby bouncer-rockers make an amazing shower gift. Mimicking the comforting movements of being rocked or bounced, baby bouncer-rockers are the ideal accessory for keeping your newborn happy. When your infant is crying or unusually cranky, you’ll find the motions able to keep them calm. The Bright Starts Ingenuity automatic bouncer and rockers come in designs that faithfully mimic a mother’s own gentle bounce, to thoughtful touches like built-in music and toys.

There are designs that come equipped with an assortment of features that aids in their development and muscle coordination. Toy bars allow them easy access and include a variety of toys and activities to keep them entertained. They are also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about bacteria and germs. In addition to vibrations, rocking motions and toys, infants will be introduced to the sound of music with melodious notes and songs.

Infant Slings

It can be a challenge for a new mom to tote her infant around all day. Baby slings are a must-have gift for parents and can give a baby the security and comfort of being in the womb. It’s also an excellent way for new moms to enjoy hands-free time, while the little one is safe and protected in the pouch. Infant slings have also been shown to strengthen the bond between a new mom and infant.

Baby Monitors

First time moms and dads will appreciate how comforting and reassuring a baby monitor can be. The gadgets are at the highest level of sophistication and can pick up your infants movements within 500 feet or more. The motion sensors allow parents to watch their infant through video sensors. Alarms also emit if your baby hasn’t experienced movement in a specific period of time too.


Every parent should open up the world of reading to their infant, no matter what their age. Infants as early as a newborn can enjoy reading when it’s done in a soothing voice. Guests to the shower can bring a special book to add to the child’s library and inscribe the item to enjoy as they grow to adulthood. Books with tabs to press, buttons to push and sounds are especially fun as the baby matures and develops.

Activity Gyms

Infants can be mesmerized by the simplest of things and an activity gym can add to their excitement. It comes with a washable, padded mat that is both comfortable and tantalizing to their senses. They also feature child-safe mirrors, easy to grasp toy bars and colors and sounds that encourage their eye development.

There are a host of gadgets and baby accessories a new mom can use throughout her busy day. The above top rated baby gifts are sure to make an infant happy, while bringing comfort and peace into a busy mom’s life.

Researcher Shelby Warden is a mother of two who shares this information to help new moms. The Bright Starts Ingenuity automatic bouncer  gives babies a delightfully natural bounce, with just the sort of motion moms use.  Their stylish line-up saves energy while lending mom a helping hand.

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