Brilliant Ideas For Your Kid’s Next Birthday

Planning a child’s birthday party is not an easy task. It takes quite a lot into consideration, and you have to remember you are effectively taking responsibility of around seven other children for the day. That is quite a lot of stress, particularly if some of them are troublesome. So, it’s best to keep things simple while still throwing a party you know your kid will love.

Option 1: A Cinema Trip

A cinema trip is the easiest solution for a birthday party. It keeps things simple and fairly cheap as well as taking a lot of pressure off your shoulders. You may have to take one of them out to go potty, but apart from that for around two hours they will sit still in silence. The best part is there are always kids films on at the movies. Even if you are not in the summer peak season, kids films usually run in the mornings during holidays and on Saturday during the school term. If you are looking for a new film the next kids show that will hit cinemas soon is Hotel Transylvania 2. The first one was brilliant for kids and adults alike.

Option 2: Fun In The Garden

It might be too hot to whisk the kids off to the theatre and if that is the case hold the party in your back yard. If it is hot enough, you can set up some water fun with a paddling pool, water guns and a slide. You will have to keep an eye out for any trips and falls, but, on the whole, this party idea is relatively hassle free. You can also keep them outside even when they are eating by buying some plastic plates and serving barbeque food.

Option 3: Fancy Dress

Do yourself a favour and do not try to save costs on this one by making the kid’s costumes. You can find the best kids costumes online at affordable prices and you lose the risk of what always occurs. You make your child’s costume; the guests buy theirs and the birthday boy or girl looks silly. The good news is once you’ve got the costumes sorted there are plenty of brilliant things you can do at a fancy dress party. You can play the classic games of picking the best costumes or musical chairs. You can also encourage the children to participate in fantasy play together. Not only is this fun for them, but it is also brilliant for their social development.

Option 4: Bouncy Castle


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Of course, if you’re okay with spending a little more cash and looking to increase your kid’s popularity go big and hire a bouncy castle. Yes, this will cost more money than the rest of the options on this list but your child will be more popular than ever. The company will set up the castle for you and once it is up all you have to worry about is when the kids throw up on it. Here is an extra tip to avoid that scenario. Let them play on the castle in the morning and then feed them in the afternoon. Do not let them go right back on it after eating. Instead, keep them inside watching films and then let them back on in the evening. Problem solved!

Your kids will have fun with any one of these party ideas, and they are all relatively hassle free. I hope you enjoy planning your child’s next party.

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