Everything You Need To Do For A Happy & Fruitful Life

There is advice everywhere on the web about how you should do this to become more successful, or do that to get the man/woman of your dreams. In fact, some people even pay good money for life coaching. Now, some of his advice will work for you, some of it might not But, do you ever get the feeling everybody is trying to overcomplicate things? Because, when all’s said and done: you are born, you live, and then you go wherever you believe you go.


Nobody has too much control over the first and last of those events. Which is why, maybe, so many people try and make up for it in between. It’s understandable, of course. Making the best of who you are gives you point and purpose. But when it starts to impact others, maybe it’s time to step out a little and get back to the basics. Which are:



Be Kinder


Be kinder to everyone! You might feel like you have the world’s troubles on your shoulders, but how is shouting at a shop assistant going to help? If you are ever in a foul mood, just try and go the opposite way and be nicer to anyone you meet. Hold the door open for somebody. Help that woman get her buggy and shopping bags up the steps. Give that homeless guy a fiver, no matter what you think he’s going to spend it on. Because the little moments of gratitude you get can help you start feeling better about everything.


Communicate Better


We’re not talking about learning how to present in front of five hundred people, here. Although you can do that if you want, of course. Expressing what you want and how you feel is one of the keys to having happier relationships with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. If you can’t communicate with people, you are going to face a lot of struggles, arguments and, potentially, heartaches in your life.


Work Harder


The harder you work, the more satisfying your life will be. And not just in terms of employment, either. Everything takes hard work to get something out of it, from your career to exploring your favorite hobbies. And one of the most important areas to work hard in are your relationships – especially your marriage. There are some great tips over at www.maritalaction.com to get you started. They are particularly relevant to marriage, of course, but you can use some of that advice with everybody in your life. Except for the sex bits. It’s best to keep that between the two of you.


Forgive & Forget


Again, this is not just about forgiving other people. It’s about you, too. Many people harbor deep guilt about things they have done in the past, but it will just eat you up in the end. It’s important to give yourself a break. You aren’t the person you were then, and you won’t be the same person in twenty years time. Put it this way – every single atom in your body is billions of years old. The tiny blip of time that they make up you and your body is so insignificant; there is no logical point in beating yourself up over the time you stole that baby’s ice cream. Just enjoy the ride…





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