Finding the Right Swimming Aids for your Child

When the time comes to teach your child how to swim, safety is paramount. Purchasing swimming aids is the first step to preparing for your first trip to the pool and with so many different kinds to choose from, it is essential that you do your research. With this in mind, here is a simple guide to finding the right swimming aids for your child.


If you want your child to associate the water with having fun, animal shaped floats can help make the learning process a breeze. Floats are a simple way to incorporate fun into your swimming lesson and they can be pushed along the length of the pool or used as a goal to reach. Using floats such as these is a great way to increase your child’s confidence in the water and are a key part of their development. Small floats can help your child to isolate different areas of the body and help them to progress quickly.

The Floatsuit 

Finding the best swimming aid solution for your child is no easy feat but weighing up the pros and cons of each one can help. The floatsuit is a stress free swimming aid as it boats built in buoyancy. A floatsuit is as simple to put on as a regular swimsuit and eliminated the need to have to wrestle with separate buoyancy aids. The all in one suit design makes it simple to get on and off and has the added benefit of being made of quick drying Lycra. It’s a great swimming aid for little ones who want a sense of independence. While floatsuits are more expensive than traditional armbands, they do not obstruct arm movement like armbands can and will provide your child with a greater range of movement. If you’re looking for a great online shop to buy wetsuits for your children, check out Buy4Outdoors.

The Youth Jacket

Another option for parents teaching their child to swim is the youth jacket. You can buy these online from somewhere like Konfidence and they are durable yet affordable. The best thing about the youth jacket is that it allows your child to achieve the best possible position in the water. A jacket is a great alternative to traditional armbands especially for older children and they come in a range of bright colours that they will love. Unlike armbands, the jacket boasts an adjustable buoyancy system that can be tailored to your child’s specific needs. By reducing the buoyancy levels over time, you can slowly give your child independence while ensuring that they are safe in the water.

The type of swimming aid that is best for your child will depend on their individual ability but doing your research can help you make the best choice.

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