Five Things for Moms to Consider before getting a Breast Augmentation

Has childbirth and breastfeeding done a number on your figure, or have you always wondered what it would like to have larger breasts? Breast augmentation surgery is becoming increasingly common with women after going through childbirth, as a way to fight the ravages of time and gravity. Yet before you go in for a consultation, you’ll want to take the following factors into consideration.


Image Source: Brandom Lim/Wikimedia Commons

1. There are different types of implants.

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make when going in for a breast augmentation is whether you would prefer saline or silicone implants. There are pros and cons to both types, with some feeling more natural while others last longer. Ask your doctor which type of implant is recommended for you, and weigh your options carefully before making a decision.

2. Breast augmentation may impact breastfeeding.

Are you planning to have more little ones in the future? You may want to wait before you go under the knife just yet. Although many women are able to breastfeed after having a breast augmentation, nipples can be more sensitive than usual and engorgement can be amplified. If you do decide that you can’t wait any longer, be sure to ask for an incision around the areola that will facilitate future breastfeeding.

3. It’s best to budget for more than one surgery.

As you’re saving your pennies for surgery, it may be a good idea to set aside a little bit extra for the future. If there are complications or you are unhappy with the initial results, you’ll need to shell out for additional surgeries in the future. Your health insurance may not pay for the cost of implant removal or adjustment in the future, in which case you’d need to pay for this out of pocket.

4. You’ll need to take it easy after the procedure.

Recovery times will vary, but you will want to arrange to have a little bit of extra help around the house for at least a week or two after your procedure! Take care of tasks like laundry and shopping before surgery, so that you come home to a clean and well-stocked house. Driving and exercise can be painful for a few weeks. Ask your hubby, friends, or family to lend a hand with errands and babysitting.

5. Your attitude may change over time.

Finally, take your age and current life situation into consideration before you take the plunge. Many women opt to purchase implants in their 20s, only to find that they have different priorities and find them to be a burden twenty years down the road. Think carefully about whether or not this is something you want permanently, and what your real motivations are. If you’re expecting your new breasts to boost your self-image without any other life changes, you may be in for a disappointment. You’ll undoubtedly get more attention after your surgery, but are you ready for this? Weigh the pros and cons to find out if breast implants are right for you!

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