Four Things to Consider When Baby is on its Way

Congratulations on your news! It is an exciting time when you have a baby on the way, but there is also quite a lot to think about. You will be spending time getting to grips with all things ‘baby’ when you meet your midwife and attend antenatal classes, but you will need to make some other decisions when it comes to your home too.


Remember that you don’t need to panic; there is still time to get prepared! Even if your due date is nearing, you can either make changes with the help of your family and friends, or even leave some things until you actually bring baby home. So here are a few things to cast your mind over for the coming weeks and months…

Getting the right equipment

The first thing you will want to do is get your hands on all of the baby products you are going to need when baby arrives. Exactly what you choose will be up to your tastes, but just some of the items will be a pushchair, cot, playpen, bouncer chair, and changing table. If you are lucky, you may be given some of these as presents when you have a baby shower. That is why some people like to leave buying these items towards the end of a pregnancy, but still leaving enough time to assemble flat packed items.

Finding space

Of course, you will need to find space to put all of these new bits of furniture and equipment in. That is why many people expecting a baby choose to move house or find ways to incorporate more into where they already live. If this is something you are interested in, you can find plenty of extensions and loft conversion ideas online. Alternatively you could start by getting rid of the items around the home that you no longer need, as clutter can take up more room than you would expect.

Proximity to the hospital

There are many practical things to consider, and one of these is how close you actually live to the hospital. If you currently live quite far away, you could think about moving house if this is important to you. You will find yourself needing to attend quite a lot of appointments, as well as heading there when it actually comes to having the baby. However if you want to stay put, just come up a plan ahead of time so you are prepared.

Local amenities

Finally, what else is located nearby to your house? You will need to be relatively close to shops to pick up nappies and so on. It is amazing how fast you will use items, and things like nappies are pretty essential! However if you live in a village or hamlet, you could always use the internet in order to do grocery shopping. You could also ask friends or family member to help you out in the early days by bringing some essential items around to your house; you will find that people will be keen to help if it means they get a cuddle with the baby.


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