How to Make money while you homeschool your kids

All of us need money—either to make ends meet or to make life a little more comfortable. While you can’t buy love, there are a great many things money can buy and they make life easier. Sometimes people think that you don’t need money to homeschool but that’s just not true, especially if you are a single parent! Earning money while homeschooling is quite a feat but it’s not impossible and here are five ways you can do it. 

How to Make money while you homeschool your kids1.     Tutoring or Teaching:
Did you learn to play the piano, knit or cook while growing up? You can offer your own baking courses or piano lessons in your neighborhood and have a steady income. You can even tutor other kids in subjects you have studied in order to teach your kids. Soon you’ll have to turn down people because these things can grow big quick!

2.     Start a home business:
If you’ve always had an idea floating around in your head and have wanted to give it a go—do it! Start small. I know a family that sells homemade soap from their own goat’s milk. They have a list of loyal customers and that that’s how you can begin too. If there’s a greater demand, get a website and take it online. With a little business sense (which you can get here and a good idea (which you have to supply), your small home business can become much more.

3.     Medical Coding and Billing:
Even if you don’t have a college degree you can take a course in medical coding and billing online at Career Step ( offers short affordable career training programs.  Hospitals hire medical coders to keep their patient files up-to-date and liaison with health insurance companies. It’s a great job for people that find meticulous tasks relaxing and it pays well!

4.     Translation:
Speak Spanish fluently? Well then there a lot of job opportunities for you! You can translate books from English to Spanish or vice versa or even teach English to Spanish speakers. If you took French or German or lived in those countries for some time, ask publishers if they need translators. You can find translation work as a freelancer on too. Charge low initially and as you get better and faster, you can raise your price per word.

5.     Graphic Designing:
Ok for all the moms out there that use twitter, you can actually learn a program like Corel-draw or Photoshop. You can take an online class to help you design logos, cards, book covers, calendars…you name it!  You can even learn for free from many different websites and create a portfolio. Graphic design takes dedication because you have to get good enough to stand out from the competition and you have to be reliably good. If you have an artistic flair, this is the path for you.

All these work from home opportunities require discipline and great prioritizing skills. You’ll find it easier to work from home while homeschooling when the kids are a little older and can take care of some of the chores as well as themselves better. You have to decide when the best time to start working and saving up for that nest egg is!


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