Innovative Trunki Luggage to keep the little ones happier & entertained on trips

Travelling with your children can be a wonderful experience but on trips that take longer such as plane flights or train journeys the little ones can become easily bored and restless so keeping them entertained and occupied is fairly important if you can manage to do so. There is a brand called Trunki who have cleverly made a range of travel luggage and accessories which adds a little excitement into any trip while allowing children to not only have a little independence but also keep them occupied too; they really have thought of everything.

The range of Trunki luggage has everything the little ones need; the original Trunki suitcase is the most well known of the bunch which comes in a number of variations featuring different bright and colourful characters, creatures or themes depending on what will hold their interest, has carry tow straps and handles both you and they can use, plus plenty of space for their travel essentials and even secret compartments for their favourite smaller belongings. One of the main features of the Trunki Suitcase are the wheels which not only makes it easy for your child to tow along if they want or alternatively when they inevitably become tired all they need to do is sit on the top which has been styled like a saddle so you can pull them along, or if they get a sudden burst of energy they can push themselves along with their feet.

Depending on the type of trip you’re going on you may only need a smaller backpack for your child especially if it’s a day trip so Trunki have very cleverly created two packs the Paddlepak and the Boostapak both with very different key features to help make things easier for you and more exciting for them. The Paddlepak is primarily designed for adventures at the beach with it having water resistant materials and a dry seal compartment for wet gear and each one has been cleverly styled to resemble a marine animal but they are ideal in any trip or even school and allow them to carry their favourite things in a bag they can enjoy and spark their imagination. The Boostapak is aimed towards older children as it doesn’t feature any character designs like the rest of the range but is a great way of dealing with weight and luggage constraints by acting as both a lightweight car seat and a functional backpack in one so not only can they carry all of their favourite things and have easy access to them helping keep them occupied on a journey but in transit in a car, bus or plane they can be safely buckled in as well.

The remaining item in the Trunki range is the SnooziHedz which again uses a friendly and familiar looking character but in a combinable pillow and blanket to keep kids comfy and warm on any journey. It will is even able to wrap around your child and completely stay in place no matter how much they move which means no heat is lost nor will you have to keep picking it up and covering them every time they or the vehicle moves, plus it is relatively compact and completely packable when not in use.

In all the Trunki luggage range is perfect for a more enjoyable holiday or day trip for the whole family as belongings can be carried by everyone individually and your children have access to travelling ‘companions’ that are functional to keep them occupied and more comfortable.

Trunki luggage and travel accessories are available from multiple UK retailers including

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