Is Postgraduate Study Right for Me?

When considering your future in education, postgraduate courses are on the radar for many students looking to increase their knowledge, but is it the right path for you?

Educational resource explores exactly what postgraduate courses mean for students and how they can help progress your career to new heights. This essential guide also delves deeper into whether postgraduate study is all it’s cracked up to be and whether students are better off going into employment in today’s troubled economy.

The benefits of being a postgraduate

There are many reasons why students choose to continue their studies by enrolling on postgraduate courses, and one of the main advantages is the chance to become an academic expert in their respective field. Whilst applying for a job as a postgraduate rather than a graduate may not lead to a pay rise initially, in many industries postgraduates tend to earn more over the course of their careers.

In addition to this, opting for postgraduate study can in fact help students forge a different career path and expand their skills in an area that they may not have studied before. The flexibility that postgraduate courses provide is also a major advantage, especially for those who wish to remain in employment during their studies.

What is involved in postgraduate study?

Postgraduate courses tend to take one year to complete, or two years if you are studying on a part-time basis. The differences between undergraduate and postgraduate study are evident, but despite the postgraduate course being shorter in length, they require a higher level of focus, independent study and an intense amount of research. As a result, graduating from a PG course isn’t easy but postgraduates tend to gain a clearer understanding and greater knowledge of their chosen industry.

Fees and funding also differ in comparison with undergraduate study, and consideration must be taken by students looking to continue their studies regarding how expenses will be covered, as postgraduate funding is limited.

Do postgraduates have access to better job opportunities?

The prospect of boosting employability is the Holy Grail for any young person, especially during the difficult circumstances faced in the current economic climate. In many industries, postgraduate study is the only way to break into a job role and can certainly set you apart from other applicants with less academic experience.

However, as we’ve mentioned this doesn’t necessarily mean you will profit financially, but a recent study revealed that those who completed postgraduate courses transcended the pay grade much faster.

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