Moving House with a Family

Moving house when you have a family is a completely different challenge to when you’re a singleton moving from rented room to rented room, or even a couple moving in together for the first time.

On those occasions, everyone involved is able to take responsibility for different parts of the move and cooperate together to make sure everything gets done. When you have a family you’ll find yourself wondering how to pack a house without your young children instantly unpacking every box and losing everything inside, if you’re going to get through moving day without someone suffering a serious accident, and if you’re ever going to sleep again!

It’s also important that you choose an electricity provider that offers hassle-free electricity rates in Edmonton prior to moving into your new home.

Today we’ve got a few tips to help you face this very particular challenge and make it to your new house with your whole family happy, healthy and ready to make it a home.

Involve the Children

When you have children you have to be aware of their perspective on the decisions you make. Moving house is an intimidating, potentially terrifying situation, all the more so because it’s totally out of their hands! It might mean moving to a different school, and losing their friends and every familiar point in their lives. Even if it’s a local move that won’t have such a big effect it’s still disruptive.

One way to help mitigate the stress of this to make sure your children are involved in the process a little. Taking them to see the house they’ll be moving to means it’s less of an unknown quantity.

Packing is one of the major disruptions to everyday life that moving creates, so involving your children here too can make it less stressful and may even get you a little help depending on how old they are, once everything is packed, getting a moving service like House removals milton keynes to help with the moving process.

Making them responsible for packing a few boxes means they’re more part of the processes and feel involved with what they’re parents are so distracted by. If they’re very young you may have to subtly re-pack their efforts later to make sure they’re secure for the big day, but older kids can be trusted to pack their own games, and will enjoy unpacking them again in their new room! You can also visit to hire movers that will make packing and moving your stuff less stressful.

The Day Itself

When the day of the move actually arrives, it may be worth keeping your children busy and distracted for the day: if they have a school day this is ideal, as they can head to school as normal in the morning and simply come home to your new house at end of the day.

If you’re moving in the holidays, a grand-parent or aunt and uncle could be a vital asset in keeping your children happy and distracted for the day while you deal with the heavy boxes that could be a danger to the smaller people in your life!

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