Not just any haulage company – The magic of Eddie Stobart


Even though I spent part of my childhood in Cumbria, the birthplace of Eddie Stobart’s road haulage company, I didn’t know much about Eddie Stobart when I was growing up. I guess I was too busy with tennis and netball to give much thought to the die cast model trucks that seemed to fascinate my two brothers. Even if they’d tried to explain what was so special about those green and red trucks, I’m not sure I’d have understood. However, that changed a couple of years ago, when Mark, the son of my elder brother, came to stay with me for a week while his dad was working in Europe.

I’d taken the lad swimming and to the cinema and I was thinking it probably time to head for home when he tugged at my sleeve and pointed. “Can we go in there?” he asked. “The Eddie Stobart shop?” He was pointing at the toy show and when I looked in the window, sure enough, there were Eddie Stobart replicas on display. It turned out that the shop didn’t have the latest Eddie Stobart replica that Mark was hoping to find. “Never mind,” I told him. “Maybe we can find it online.”

When Mark and I looked online that evening, we found an Eddie Stobart shop where we could order the die cast model Mark was looking for and other official Eddie Stobart merchandise. I was surprised to there were all kinds of other products, like coasters, pens and badges. There was even a fan club! Mark knew all about the fan club as he was already a member and a keen truck spotter. “I want to go and visit one of the depots,” he told me. “Trouble is, dad’s always busy.” After Mark had gone to bed that night, I carried on reading the website. The tour sounded pretty interesting and, after all, Mark’s birthday was coming up and I’d been wondering what I could get for him…

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