Online Essay Coaching – The new way of helping kids to succeed

Essay writing can be a serious challenge for some students. An online essay coach can make a difference between your child producing mediocre essays and essays that stand out above the rest. An essay coach can also provide homework specific subject support, as well as education counseling. Online learning is the first step to a future of education which will incorporate one-on-one tuition, individualized lesson plans, teaching at a pace that suits each individual student and allows for flexible study time.

What Is An Online Essay Program?

This type of program is designed to develop critical thinking skills through the essay writing process. Programs are aimed in grades 7 through 12 as wells as those in college or university. An online essay program will usually cover the following aspects of essay writing:

  • planning

  • locating sources

  • identifying themes

  • organizing information

  • structuring and writing

  • grammar and formatting

  • refining and proofreading

  • use of APA, MLA or Chicago style citations

What Are the Benefits of an Online Essay Program?

The benefits of an online program are numerous:

  • They can be used individually or to supplement classroom learning.

  • They provide a comfortable learning environment without peer pressure.

  • Online essay coaching allows one-to-one guidance that can move along at the student’s own pace.

  • Online classes are flexible and can easily fit into your child’s busy schedule.

  • Because there is greater interaction and fewer distractions, it is easier for students to concentrate.

  • Because students don’t have to commute, this saves time and inclement weather is not a problem.

  • Online essay coaching can help students develop a wide range of skills that will be useful in the future.

Top Five Online Essay Coach Programs

Here are the top five online essay coaching programs that offer interactive online classes, writing assignments and personal feedback.

  1. Ruth Rumack Essay Coach

  2. Time For Writing

  3. Write At Home

  4. StudyPoint

  5. Story2


Is essay coaching different from tutoring?

Essay coach differs from tutoring in that it involves a more personal approach to helping each individual student to develop their writing skills. Focus is placed on the student rather than the subject matter in order to develop a coaching system that meets their needs and moves at their pace. Coaching also provides the student with skills and confidence to write all future essays whatever their subject matter.

Who teaches my child?

Each essay coach is a certified teacher with extensive essay writing experience. English is their first language and they have excellent command of grammar and writing conventions.

How do lessons work?

Lessons take place online and are delivered via web conferencing. This permits the student and the coach to work together in real time in a virtual classroom. Students will be provided with all the resources needed for each writing assignment and future essays.

What kind of essays can a coach help my child with?

Essay coaches are available to help students at all levels of learning: middle school, high school, post-secondary and college or university.

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