Playards: The Ultimate Gift for New Moms

When you’re looking for the ultimate baby shower gift for a best friend or family member, you’ll want to consider the many uses of a playard. In addition to it being a safe environment for your infant to play and explore, they can allow a new mom some hands-free time when working around the home.




Most parents want to devote as much time and attention as possible to their infant, but it can be nearly impossible to do just that. Whether you’re doing chores around the house or working from home, you’ll feel confident and secure knowing that your baby is in a safe and comfortable environment. Playards come equipped with plush cushioning making it a warm and inviting place for them to play and nap.


Most playards feature an assortment of fun and educational toys that can aid in their development. The earlier your infant is motivated to explore and learn; the better off they will be. Even purchasing a basic playard and adding their favorite toys as they grow can still promote learning. Added features can also include toy bars, bright lights, music and sounds and will aid in their hearing and visual development. It also opens the world of new adventures to your baby.

Keep Them Close

Playards are foldable, so you can keep your baby close while you pay bills, cook or garden outdoors. This provides parents with peace of mind knowing that if their infant needs them, they can be alerted to any problems immediately. In addition to your child learning to play independently, you can keep a close eye on their every need. When you’re looking to go on vacation or for an overnight visit to their grandparents, they’re lightweight, easy to fold and can be transported anywhere. They also don’t take up a lot of room, so you can easily transport them via plane, train or automobile.

Save on Space

If you’re looking for an item that won’t take up a lot of space in your home, but it has a variety of features, a play yard is extremely functional. In addition to it being a safe environment for your infant to play, it can also double as a crib perfect for naptime or sleeping over at grandmas. The mattresses are thin, comfy and firm, to avoid the risk of suffocation. The upper end units also come with an assortment of items such as a changing table, storage areas and bassinette. The storage compartments are ideal for diapers, lotions, wipes and more.

Gifts of towels, baby books and clothing are typical items that can be found at a baby shower. You’re bound to be the hit of the party when gifting your loved one with a baby playard. The new mom will adore the many fun and exciting features that it affords their infant in its learning and development. It can also give parents peace of mind and security knowing that they can keep a watchful eye on their precious bundle of joy.

Researcher Shelby Warden is a mother of two and shares this information for those who are expected a new addition to their family. As a mom who was always on-the-go, she knows what a big help playards can be to a new mom. With solutions for changing and storage, nap-time and play-time, any mom will cherish this gift.

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