Say NO to Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs in PREGNANCY….: A MUST KNOW fact; A MUST DO Act during Pregnancy…


“Every woman has her own right to lead life with or without alcohol. But she has no right to interfere in proper fetal development growing inside her womb during her pregnancy.” If you are planning to be pregnant or if you are in your maternity phase; you must be very much away from any short of hazardous addiction. As the saying goes; “If you are to be a mother, be very much a mother.” So, as a smart would-be mom; you must keep yourself and your child away from alcohol, drugs or tobacco and thus facilitate a healthy and easy going development of your child inside. Believe it; this restriction during your maternity period will help you see your baby as a blooming star soon entering the world.

PREGNANCYSo all you mom-to-be; if you want to present your child a scope for a healthy start in life; then make sure you give up smoking and drinking during the time of conception, or even before planning for the same. For a deep insight on this must know fact and must do act; go for a sure shot read on this article.

Ill Effects of Alcohol Consumption in maternity phase:

Very often, you find people saying, “An odd glass of wine would be great while pregnancy.” But just imagine how it relaxes you when you hear, “Stay away from alcohol or tobacco during pregnancy and you gain more chances of giving birth to a healthy and normal child with reduced chance of birth defects”. Sounds great!

Alcohol consumption increases the symptoms of pelvic congestion syndrome and the chances of birth defects and also interferes in your child development during your maternity period. Alcohol can also get you a situation when you fail to conceive or even lose your kid inside the womb itself. “I had my heavenly world inside you, before I entered the Earthly World.”  May this quote from your baby remain undistorted and may you as a mother present your kid all the heavenly comfort while you are carrying him in you. So strictly come up with a NO to alcohol if you are ON with the Epoch of your maternity. The vital organs starts developing during the first weeks of your pregnancy and alcohol drinking can cause birth defects during this period in more percentage. Your kid might suffer with problems like mental retardation or any neurological damage like FASD( Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), low birth weight etc; if you do not give up drinking whilst pregnancy.

Ill Effects of Smoking Tobacco in Maternity span:

“I need oxygen mommy; do not restrict me in having its free supply to me.” Tobacco/ Cigarette actually keeps your child away from free oxygen supply and in turn the heart is forced to go for a harder beat every time you smoke while carrying your baby inside your womb.

Smoking leads to a greater percentage of stillbirth, pregnancy complications, premature baby and also sometime lead to infant death or cot death which would in fact be your greatest loss in a womanly life. Children who have their mothers or even fathers smoking during pregnancy, suffer from asthma in their life. So, along with the mother, it is also advisable that father must also quit or reduce smoking during maternity phase.

Ill Effects of Using Drugs in Maternity phase:

Drugs like cocaine, heroine etc are extremely hazardous to the fetus growing inside a lady who is prone to such killer elements. You may suffer a miscarriage or may have your baby premature or with low birth weight, learning disorders, defects in heart and many other serious complications.

As the saying goes, “it is not just about holding your baby; but it is about holding your baby safe. “ So when you are enduring your maternity stage, it is a wise lady’s chore to give up any short of harmful addictions, maybe it is alcohol, tobacco or unprescribed drugs.

Remember, “planning for a baby is like deciding to watch your heart walking out of your body forever.” So when you are embracing your Maternity Epoch, make sure you leave your addictive attitude towards drugs, tobacco or alcohol.

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