Seven Secrets To A Successful Marriage

These days, one in four marriages fail. If you don’t want to be just another statistic, you need to find ways to keep the love going strong in your relationship. Marriages take work and lots of it. If you think that wedded bliss comes naturally to anyone, you are naive. It doesn’t. People who are happy with their partners, work every single day to keep things on track. Here are seven secrets to a successful marriage. Use them, and you will always be happy together.


Credit to David Joyce

Let go of your ego

If you have a massive ego, you will never be able to love someone the way they deserve you to. When people think that they are better than others, they believe that they deserve more than other people do. If you are asking more of your partner than you are giving them, the relationship is not a fair one. Instead, you need to let go of your ego and focus on what is important.

Laugh together

Studies have shown that couples, who laugh together, have stronger relationships than most people. If you and your partner spend time laughing at things, you will find that you have an almost unbreakable bond. Go to see a comedian together or watch a funny movie. Doing these small things will make a massive difference to how you feel about one another. When you laugh, your brain releases hormones that make you feel happy. You will associate being content with being around your partner.

Never let the romance die

No matter how long you have been together, you must never let the love die. Your 5th wedding anniversary gift should be just as romantic and wonderful as your first present. It is that simple. Over the years, it is easy to let things slip. When that happens, the passion disappears, and all, you have, is two people who don’t love each other anymore.

Spend some time apart

Space is important in any relationship. If you spend all your time with your partner, you will end up resenting them and taking them for granted. Instead, you need to find ways to have a little time away from one another. For example, you could go on a trip without your partner so that you have time to miss them.

Share your problems

If you keep problems from your partner, you are not a team. You and your significant other need to work together on your issues. Sometimes, you might feel as though you are a burden to your partner. Remember, if they love you, they will always be there for you. That means that they will be more than happy to listen to your problems and help you out.

Talk about your friends

Some people think that gossiping is bad. In reality, many psychological studies have found that when you gossip with people, you bond with them. When you are alone with your partner, you should chat about your mutual friends. You don’t have to be mean about them, just say what you think. Having this time with your partner will help you to relate to them better than you do right now.

Dress up for each other

When did you last get dressed up to go on a date with your partner? If you have been together a while, you might have stopped trying to impress your other half. At least once a month, you need to make an effort to look fantastic for your partner. Get dressed up and take them out for a romantic date. Sometimes, the reason, the romance dies, is because we let it. Instead, make sure that you keep it alive.

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