The Best Choice of Bed for Babies Under 4 Months Old

A Moses Basket: the Portable and Snug Baby Bed Solution for Newborns

Keeping your newborn baby warm and comfortable isn’t so difficult task given the range of beautiful little beds available. But there is one traditional baby sleeping basket that’s considered a classic due to its portability, durability and stylish design.

A moses basket is one of the most popular baby beds and can be used until your child is around four months old.

Keeping baby close by

One of the best things about a moses baby basket is its portability. You’ll no doubt want your baby to sleep in your bedroom for the first few months but this basket means you can also easily move baby to whichever room you wish. The wicker basket itself is strong, durable and built to last but also lightweight enough to carry via the attached handles. The basket makes an ideal moveable bed for baby’s’ first months at home when compared to an expensive and stationary cot.

The perfect fit

Your new moses basket will be the ideal size for your baby compared to a larger cot. The compact basket combined with the comfortable mattress and interior padding makes for a safe, comfortable sleeping space. These baskets are designed to be used for around four months but how long you use it for will ultimately depend on your baby’s size and weight. Babies can sleep for 17 hours a day, if not more, and this basket is a snug environment with just enough room to allow your baby to stretch and move around when required.


A choice of frames

You don’t just need to settle for a stationary frame and rocking stands are available as part of your purchasing choice. This is an excellent option for soothing your baby to sleep; this is something that cannot be achieved with a cot. Rocking stands are one of the most popular options but you also have the option of folding stands and those with wheels attached for additional portability. The frame is usually made from natural wood, which is both strong and stylish.

Basket accessories

Most baby baskets will come with a foam mattress, a quilt and a hood attachment as well as a little lining that fits around the exterior. The bedding accessories and materials will depend on the product purchased but many will be supplied with additional little blankets. It’s always a good idea to purchase some extra bedding to alternate between in use and in the wash.

The good news is that this bedding solution is an inexpensive first bed choice and because you can always have baby close at hand you’ll also benefit from additional peace of mind.


Images by ficklish Jlo and JodyDigger and Caitlinator, used under Creative Commons license. 


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