Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Self-Esteem

Being a teenager isn’t easy. You know because you’ve been there. Now, you’re the parent, and you understand how important it is that your teen thinks the best of himself. Does your teen have the confidence to hold his own with the crowd? Does she see her best side when she gazes in the mirror? It’s all about self-esteem, and you can help your teenager in surprisingly easy ways.

Understand the Journey

Your teen is in transition; he’s no longer a child, and he has a long way to go before he reaches adulthood. It’s not easy for a young person to navigate this bridge to maturity. Add the normal insecurities that are part of everyday teenage life, and the journey seems daunting. Knowing that he’s not in this alone makes a big difference.

Your counsel and care mean more than you realize. Your teen doesn’t need a television celebrity doctor; he needs to know that you’ll listen. Tell him that he’s a great kid with enormous potential, and he knows that you say this because you love him. Get him involved in things that prove it, and you’re giving him the tools to build his self-esteem.

Fix the Flaws

He has to have his hair cut just right, and she’ll only wear the latest fashions. Your teen is painfully aware of his self-image, and it affects how she feels about herself. Clear complexions and perfect bodies are rare exceptions in teen life, but your child wants to look her best. You can help manage some of these issues with a little outside expertise.

For example, your teen’s smile is beautiful to you, but any flaw in those young teeth is devastating to that reflection in the mirror. Everyone wants to be proud of their smile, so never minimize the importance of addressing even minor problems. Routine dental care is the best line of defense, and cosmetic dentistry from from Gordon Dental Implants & Cosmetics can make a dramatic difference in your teen’s self-esteem.

Focus on a Direction

Everyone has something that they’re naturally drawn to. Even your awkward, moody teen has a special interest. He doesn’t have to bat .500, but if he enjoys baseball, encourage him to join the team. Your young lady lip-syncs to her favorite music while she does her homework. Talk to her about joining the music club. Whether it’s a fascination with birds in the backyard or computer science, that enthusiasm is something your teen can share with others kids.

Being a part of any team gives your child a sense of accomplishment and pride. Teens thrive when they connect with like-minded teens, so give your child every opportunity to know himself better and appreciate his natural talents. Getting involved in a social scene that reinforces her special interest will help your teen develop real self-confidence.

If love alone could make your teen’s life easier, you’d never worry again. However, your child is finding his way through a world that you know too well. Never think that your teen isn’t grateful for your help. On those wonderful occasions when he mumbles appreciation for backyard practice sessions or she thanks you for encouraging her singing, just smile. Your teen is gaining invaluable self-esteem, and the future looks bright. Some day, he might make the Hall of Fame, and she may win a Grammy Award. Imagine how you’ll smile then.

Kelly Kovacic knows and understands how tough the teen years may be for some. As a parent or even a mentor there are many ways to help a struggling youth. Your teen’s image of herself is extremely important, and a great smile is key to this end. The dentists at Northgate use all the latest procedures and can help your teen and your whole family achieve a smile to be proud of.

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