Why Buy Quality Clothes for Kids?

When you buy a nice sweater for yourself, you can justify the cost with the knowledge that you’ll get years of use out of it. This typically cannot be said of children’s clothing. They either outgrow their pants in record time, or they get stains and rips on their shirts that send them right to the rag pile. It’s tempting to just buy everything from the local discount store, but there are still some good reasons to buy your children quality clothing. Here are a few of them:

Looks do Matter

You may teach your children that looks don’t matter, but the fact is that they do. You don’t want to send your child out looking like they just rolled out of bed, and that means buying better clothing. The problem with stuff from the dollar store is that it’s made out of cheap material using low standards of quality. It won’t hang right, and it doesn’t look as nice as quality clothes.

Well-Made Kids Clothes Simply Last Longer

Quality clothes for kids are made with better materials and are held to a higher standard for quality. The stitches won’t rip out of the seams, and you won’t have to spend time cutting off stray threads. They’ll last for as long as your child can fit them, and they can usually be passed down to younger siblings or friends. If you get frustrated with clothes that fall apart after one wearing, then it’s time to invest in better-quality merchandise.

You Have Options for Afterwards

Buy cheap clothes, and you will eventually either throw the clothes out or turn them into rags. Thrift stores are happy to take donations, but cheap clothes usually aren’t in good enough condition to be donated. When you buy quality clothes, you’ll have more options for when they are outgrown, or your child grows tired of them. Consider these

• Donation for a tax write-off – Donate your gently used clothes and shrink your tax bill.

• Help a friend – If you have a friend with younger kids, they’ll appreciate the hand-me-downs.

• Other siblings – The shirt that your oldest daughter loved and cherished just might become a favored item for her younger sister, but only if you bought quality merchandise.

• Sell it for cash – Put the clothes in a consignment shop or list it on an online auction site to recoup some of your money. If the clothes are in good shape and free of stains, you can get as much as 50 percent of the retail price for name brand items, like Peek Kids.

When you shop for clothes for kids, don’t automatically head to the bargain store and buy the cheap stuff. There are definite benefits to buying high-quality clothing. While the clothes won’t fit your child forever, they will look great, and you’ll be able to donate or resell them when they’re finally outgrown.

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