Working Moms’ Go to Guide When Stress is Taking Over

Today, more mothers are juggling parenting and work to provide a brighter future for their families. However, let’s admit it: it’s never easy to be a mom with a full-time job. It can be stressful and even tedious that, more often than not, everything is done in a hurry. Here are simple tricks for hardworking mothers to flourish in both career and family life:

Realize that you are still human
For some, clocking out of work indicates rest time. But that isn’t the case for employed mothers because work does not end after an eight-hour shift. They have cook to dinner, help kids with schoolwork and do household chores before they can go to bed. As a matter of fact, they will most likely cut back their eight hours of sleep to get everything done.

If you are guilty of overworking, you need to realize that you are not a robot. Exhaustion can lead to stress which ultimately yields to crankiness and poor work performance. When you find yourself sleep-deprived and tired every time you wake-up, ask your partner for help. Just like at work, create an organized plan so everything at home runs smoothly. You can also assign your children with small responsibilities like cleaning the dinner table after every meal.

Start your day at night
More work? Not necessarily. Mornings are chaotic so preparing the night before can pave way to a peaceful and calm way to start your day. Simple things like preparing your kid’s clothes and bag can dramatically reduce stress in the morning. If you have more time on your hands, you can also prepare delicious breakfast meals like fruit smoothies and blueberry pancake batter.

Choose a childcare provider
Sometimes working overtime is inevitable. If you don’t have a friend or immediate family member that can look after your kids, it is best to seek help from a childcare professional. However, before you hire a babysitter or nanny, make sure to do your research. A quality provider should provide you with authentic work records and references. As for daycare, set a schedule to visit the facility and ask for valuable details such as teacher-to-student ratio and operating license.

Plan shopping trips
If you are always running to the nearest grocery store only to find out that you forgot what you were supposed to buy, prepare your shopping list beforehand. It is also advisable to go early so you can avoid parking your car at no parking zones. In case you get into trouble with parking and if you’re in NSW, Prime Lawyers can guide you with your parking fines.

Set aside time for relaxation
When everything seems too stressful, steer away from the guilt and remember to treat yourself! A simple trip to the salon or a lunch date with your friends can drastically improve your mood. Scheduling a weekly or monthly night out with your partner can also be a rejuvenating opportunity to bond and recharge your batteries. Keep in mind that being exhausted all the time will only bring more stress.

If you are a working mom, balancing work and parenthood is possible. You can immediately feel happier and satisfied as a mother and as professional with these simple tricks.

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