A Pregnant Mama’s Guide to Stress-free Discipline For Children

For many women, pregnancy is a peaceful time of waiting for her new little one to join the family. But for other women, pregnancy can be a time of hormone surges, backaches and low energy. When you couple that with an energetic youngster or two, you have the potential for a stressed-out Mama.

The way you think affects your stress level. And surprisingly, it even has a negative affect on the baby you are carrying. There area several strategies to discipline your children and keep a peaceful atmosphere in your home.

Use a Quiet Voice.
Loud words and passionate responses to children’s behavior sets up a negative stress cycle. The baby in your womb and the children in your home will both respond according to the tone you set. If you desire calm children, you need to lead the way. A soft-spoken command or correction will get a better response than an angry one. Help is always at your fingertips. So, if you are looking for stress or anger management classes, a therapy at an rx addiction help centre would do you really good.

What do you do if your quiet request is met with disobedience in your little one? Calmly go to your child, take his hand and lead him to do what you asked. With kind words, instruct that he must do what you ask right away. When he complies, express your pleasure at his obedience.

Positive words motivate much better than negative words. Children will usually live up to your expectations. If you calmly expect cheerful, obedient children, your attitude will motivate them to meet your expectations.

Don’t procrastinate. Deal with issues right away.
It is tempting to keep repeating your instructions or raise your voice to show you mean it. What this does is sends a message to your children that Mom doesn’t really mean what she says the first time, and they can wait to obey until she gets stressed.

If this has been your family’s way of responding to each other, persevere in turning things around. It may take more time with older children and you will likely need to attach consequences for repeat offenses.

Take time to connect with your children.
Sit down, get a glass of water, and relax. Read with them. Use your tv service to find some edifying music or an encouraging message. Smile at them. You will be glad for the effort you put into this area when your baby comes and you have a more peaceful home.


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