Birthday Celebration Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers are a tough age group to please, especially when it comes to birthdays. Keeping up with their ever-changing interests is almost impossible, so how are you supposed to suggest birthday celebration ideas? If you’re struggling and your teenager is being less than helpful, we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves.

Food and Film Night

If your teenager isn’t a lover of quality family time, reach a compromise and opt for a family trip to the cinema. Let them pick the film and offer to go out to eat at their favourite restaurant afterwards and they might just be up for the idea. If you can afford the extra cash, you could even let them go alone with a few friends.

Comedy Show

If you have an older teenager that likes a laugh, why not take them to see their favourite stand-up comedian? Check whether anybody of note is coming to a venue near you, or even make it part of a trip to London with one of Comedy Carnival’s birthday party packages. Either way, you’re sure to find a popular comedian who’s visiting your home city.

Theme Park

If you’re a family of thrill-seekers, then a theme park can’t be beaten, especially if your child’s birthday is in the summer. Treat them to a fast-track pass so they don’t spend the day queuing for their favourite rides, and even stay the night in the park’s hotel if your budget can stretch to it.

Concert/Gig Tickets

Teenagers are notorious for their love of music, and no doubt your child has a particular favourite artist whose music they love to blast through the house. If that’s the case, then you could buy them two tickets to see the band or artist play live at a venue local to you. They can take a friend and will no doubt love you for giving them the chance to go let their hair down.

Rock Climbing

For a party that they’ll remember for years to come, you could go rock climbing and include a bit of exercise in the celebrations. Do it as a family if you prefer, but your teenager will no doubt love to be left to their own devices with their friends. You can rest assured that they’re in a safe environment having lots of fun, and you could even book a place for your other children too, leaving you with some free time on your hands!

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