Building Family Values In 2014

Family Values

With the start of 2014 now upon us it is time to think about ways in which we can live more purposeful and fulfilling lives. In addition to such New Year’s resolutions as getting in shape and volunteering more time to help those less fortunate, consider taking a look inside your own home for ways to bring your family closer together. There are many ways that you can accomplish this so that you and your family can develop and strengthen key values that you hold dear.

Family Values Open Your Home for Dialogue and Discussion

Building trust and respect in your home does not have to be a difficult undertaking. Especially as your kids grow up, you may feel like they are detached and in a “rebellious stage.” However, by encouraging discussion and creating an environment where everyone is free to talk about important problems and concerns, families can develop stronger relationships.

Setting aside a family devotional time can be one of the most important ways to foster an environment where significant issues can be identified and discussed.  Making space for the truth of the Bible sets the stage for a family to “go deep” and handle these types of issues.  Applying the lessons you learn in the Bible can help you understand each other on a deeper level so you can work together to help your family succeed.

Set Aside Time for Family Bonding

In addition to encouraging your family members to be open with one another, it is important for you to show your loved ones that you are invested in their future and well-being. There are times in life that we get overwhelmed with our jobs or other stresses, so taking time away from the everyday routine in order to spend more time with family goes a long way.

This can be achieved in very simple, straightforward ways. Have a set time for family dinner each night so that you can all come to the table to enjoy a meal together. Take one night each week and designate it as “Family Night,” where you either watch a movie, go out for ice cream, or engage in other types of recreational activities.  Being together and having fun allows you to strengthen your bonds so that you can continue to exhibit and teach your values.

Christian counseling can also help you find ways to connect when your efforts have been unsuccessful or frustrated because of life challenges. Do be afraid to attend family sessions to have an objective and faithful counselor provide a space for your family members to connect.

Take Your Family to Church

Bringing your family to church and Sunday worship each week will give you the foundation you are looking for when it comes to building family values this year. Connecting with your church “family” will allow you to open up to powerful and

timeless life lessons.  When we are faithful and humble toward God by learning to worship, He moves in powerful ways in a family.  By focusing on the life of Jesus Christ, we are able to continue the family journey with a sense of purpose.

When you share a common foundation built upon faith, you and your family will be able to come together to share the values that are important in life.  This year, embrace the opportunity to work toward building timeless values and your relationship with God.  And remember, the best is yet to come!

Written by Richard Hoffman. Richard is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a member of The American Association of Christian Counselors and a Board Certified Christian Counselor.


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