Caring For The First Baby

Just had a baby? Well congratulations! Now not everyone is pre-educated on taking care of a bay, so is here to help you out and give you a few very useful tips. This is because with a baby in the house, the whole atmosphere becomes lighter but that baby is a lot of work too.


  • A baby lives on nothing but schedule and it is you who needs to make the schedule according to your convenience. There may be a few instances when the schedule changes, like when you are travelling but it is best to still stick to the routine as much as possible. This keeps your junior in a good mood.


  • Sleep. The more your baby sleeps, the more they will sleep. Most parents do not believe this but it is proved that tired babies take more time to sleep and most often stay up the whole night making your life hard. Being a new mom is hard in itself and on top of that you sure don’t want to compromise your sleep.


  • The skin of a baby is very soft. So use baby oil or baby lotions to keep it hydrated and try to cover your baby up in a soft towel when you go out. Sunscreens are a complete no-no for the baby skin.


  • The baby’s brain is at a growing stage now. So it is a good idea to interact with the baby more and keep playing all kinds of games that the baby understands and reciprocates. The more you entertain your baby, the more they will enjoy the attention and will respond to this stimulation. Check here How to Keep Your Kid Healthy.


  • If you have a family pet, then well you already have a baby in the house who just doesn’t look human. You need to make your pet feel the baby and at the same time make the pet feel wanted. Let your baby interact with the pet but only under your supervision. This way they will both be comfortable with each other.


  • Although milk is the only thing that your new born can have right now, soon enough there will be a time when the pediatric care specialist asks you to move to other food. Introduce vegetables into the baby’s diet instead of sweet fruits. Vegetables give your baby vitamins and minerals and also make them habituated with the taste. Later it becomes easy to feed your baby vegetables as they are already familiar with the taste.


  • Using diapers may give your baby a rash. The reddish chapped skin is very irriating for the baby as well as painful. The only remedy to this is keeping the baby dry. Change diapers as many times as you can and don’t use it for the times when you are home. There is no harm in keeping the baby naked for some time.


  • Crying is something that they do to communicate. Babies cry if hungry, if they have a wet diaper or if there is too much noise. Don’t panic. Lift the baby up and snuggle them inside a towel and rock softly. This will calm them down.


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