Dating Tips to Make Finding True Love Over 50 Easier – and More Fun!

Dating comes with a certain set of inevitable stressors. As well, if you are looking for love over 50, you may wonder if “getting back out there” is really all it is cracked up to be. Yet the truth is, singles of every age are finding love online every day and you could be next. Acknowledging that “putting yourself out there” is a true personal act of courage is the first step towards investing in your dream of finding true love.  Once you have made that first step, these dating tips can help make your search more productive – and more fun too!

Dating Tips to Make Finding True Love Over 50 Easier – and More Fun!

Decide in Advance to Take it Slowly

One of the biggest favours you can do for yourself is to decide right up front to take the dating process slowly. In other words, don’t rush yourself to decide whether you want to get to know someone better – and don’t let another person pressure you either. Whether you find yourself on the Southport singles scene or elsewhere during your dating adventures, tune in to your gut instead of your head to decide who to date, how often to see someone, where to go, how much of yourself to share and more.

Decide in Advance Not to Settle

In the same way, there is no reason to settle for less than what you really want in a partner. If you are like most adults, you already know what “settling” feels like. So use your inner emotional compass as a trustworthy guide to help you discern when you may be starting to settle. Setting a “dating goal” – for instance, to find someone who enjoys you just as you are and allows you to enjoy them just as they are – can also be a helpful focus as you date and meet new people.

Decide in Advance to Have Fun

If you are out there dating, why not have some fun and do the things you really enjoy doing while you are at it? Sharing compatible interests is part of what makes two people “click,” so go ahead and share your passions up front. If coffee shop or pub dates bore you, why not go bowling together or meet up to play putt-putt golf? If you love reading, get tickets for a visiting author and then discuss the reading together afterward. The more you enjoy your dates (whether you want to see that particular person again or not) the more motivation you will have to keep dating until sparks fly.

Decide in Advance to Trust in Love

Trusting in love means becoming more aware of happy, loving partnerships happening all around you. It also means tuning in to the possibility of the same within your own life. This doesn’t mean you can’t take a break from dating if you need to. But keep dating if your happiest vision of life includes a partner.

With these helpful dating tips, you can be on your way to finding lasting love over 50 or at any age.

About the Author: After Karen Coolidge raised three kids as a single mom, she thought she would never date again. Then when she turned 50, her best friend signed her up for a dating website where she met her wonderful partner.

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