Dealing with Your Child’s Food Allergy

When your child is diagnosed with a food allergy, a million things run through your mind, but the biggest worry is how you’re going to keep them safe when they’re not under your watchful eye. Whether they’re at school, a friend’s birthday party or even on a residential, you’ll want to make sure there’s no risk of them coming to any harm because of their allergy. Whilst it’s tempting to wrap them in cotton wool, you don’t want them to miss out, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you and your child deal with the situation.

Ensuring They Understand

Teaching your child about their allergy is crucial, and the way you do so will obviously depend on their age. First of all, make sure they are aware of the foods they are allergic to; you can do this using photographs and even during trips to the supermarket. Teach them about their allergy in the same way you teach them their address or their birthday and use it as a piece of information they’re proud that they know.

Also teach them that not everybody will know about their allergy, so if anybody offers them food, they know to politely decline, even if they’ve been told it’s free from the ingredient they’re allergic to. Find a number of snacks they can eat and make sure they know what they are; online specialist stockists like Goodness Direct are a good place to start. Always have them to hand and pack one in your child’s bag wherever they go so that they never feel left out when food is being passed around and they can’t join in.

Informing the School

Informing the school should be fairly simple, and they’ll probably have measures in place to deal with allergies. The class teacher should be able to tell the other children in the class about your child’s allergy without alienating them, and all staff should be alerted. You can provide the school with an EpiPen and anything else they might need should your child ingest the food they’re allergic to so that they’re able to deal with any situation.

Specialist Help

You can always speak to your GP about how to deal with your child’s allergy, and there’s plenty of advice online when it comes to shopping, eating out, travelling and everything in between, so you never have to feel like you’re dealing with it alone.

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