Effective Tips for Parenting That Actually Work!

Happy children are better adjusted kids. It doesn’t take a boatload of money to make happy children. Children don’t need as many monetary things as they need the love of a parent and the security that you will always be there supporting them and cheering them on through their life.

If you want to become a more understanding parent, here are a few parenting tips for you.

        • Always appreciate your child for whatever they do. This will build their confidence and they will move ahead in life. Show them their positive side rather than their negative side as it can bring down their          confidence. Motivate them to get involved in different activities that can help them in all round development. Activities can be an excellent self-esteem builder too.

  • Being a mom you have to fully support your child and teach them good things. A mother is the first teacher of the child therefore they will learn a lot from you. Take the help of good books to make them understand things and build good habits. It is very necessary on the part of a mother to show love and affection so that your kids can share everything with you.
  • It’s always a challenge to get children to take on responsibilities and to learn that their contribution to the family is not only important but it is an essential way to help with their overall good feeling about themselves. Don’t yell out orders, kids will turn a “deaf ear” to you if all they hear is YELLING. Here’s an example of a better way to handle a request that you have for your son or daughter. It’s a Saturday, your 8 year old son is zoned out on TV and you would like him to take out the trash that’s overflowing in the kitchen. You’ve already told him 3 times and he just sits there ignoring you. A better way to request the completion of a chore like this is not to scream from the kitchen “TAKE OUT THE TRASH!” Follow this suggestion and we guarantee it will be effective. It will amaze you as to how much better this technique is!
  • Step 1. Don’t yell from the other room
  • Step 2. Break down the request (make the steps simple to take)
  • Step 3. Say, “Colin stand up”…Colin stands up.
  • Step 4. “Colin come into the kitchen please” at this point (assuming you haven’t been screaming for him to take out the trash) Colin doesn’t really know what’s up, so he’s, at this point, inquisitive.
  • Step 5. “Go over to that trash can and tie up the draw strings on that trash bag, will you please.” Wait till he goes over to the trash.
  • Step 6. “Now would you please walk that bag out to the garbage can.”
  • At this point Colin has gotten up, walked into the kitchen, tied up the trash and he’s on his way out the door!
  • Remember to say, “Colin, thank you son, you sure know how to help with things around here and mom and dad really appreciate it.”

 Just remember an approach like this is far more effective in accomplishing your objective that just YELLING OUT ORDERS LIKE A DRILL SARGENT.

Another important tip:

  • Try to spend as much time you can with your kids. Ask them about what happened at school, try to engage them in conversations about their friends and teachers. Show interest in their activities and assist them in every possible way. If you are working woman, you can spend weekends with your children by going out on a picnic or an outing. This is one way to show your love and interest in the things that matter so much to your kids and it’s one of our best parenting tips.
  • As children learn from their parents, set a good example before them. Follow a set pattern of life so that the kids also do the same, consistency and routine help to make children feel secure, loved and most of all, understood. Do not over preach but ask them to do tasks in a respectful way and most kids will comply.

Handling kids can be a very difficult task, you just have to stay calm and have patience. So try he above parenting tips to manage your children in a better way.

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