Five Things You Can Do To Help Your Pet Be More Independent

Being detained up in the house all day is no fun, especially when you would rather do a million other things with your time. Whether it is going outdoors or making other decisions for yourself, there is no doubt that you don’t like being told to stay in a confined space with no freedom. Why would you put your pet through the same thing? When you are away from home because of work, or when running errands, you likely want to keep your pet contained; therefore, to ensure pet does not damage furniture, or otherwise make a mess in the house. However, there are a few easy ways that you can make your pet more independent and create a stronger bond between the two of you.

Give Your Pets Their Own Space

Whether this is an area of the kitchen, or in the living room, one way to help your pets feel more independent is by giving them their own space. Something as simple as a pet bed and a grouping of toys will give your pet the feeling of ownership. Remember that this should not be a restrictive space or used as punishment, because the idea is to give them more independence.

Set Out Food and Water Dishes

Rather than dictating when your pet eats or drinks each day, you can put out their food (in the appropriate portions) ahead of time and let them decide. This is especially helpful when you are at work or out with friends, because your pet will know that if they are hungry or thirsty, they do not need to wait until you return.

Install a Pet Door

Putting in a pet door will allow your pet to move freely in and out of the house. This will let your pet relieve itself when needed, without you having to get up to open the door. In addition, if you are preoccupied or away from home, your pet will be able to go outside so they do not make a mess on the floor. When combined with a containment system outside, your pet will be able to go outside and play, while still being safe.

Buy a Retractable Leash

Dogs like nothing more than to roam around and investigate their surroundings. When you take your dog for a walk, he or she will undoubtedly stop to sniff grass and bushes. By using a retractable leash instead of a standard leash, your dog will have more freedom to move around and explore. In addition, you will be able to call your dog back when it is time to continue the walk, or if he or she is doing something they shouldn’t.

Show Your Pet How Much You Care

Pets are social creatures that need our attention in order to thrive. By playing with your dog or cat, you strengthen the bond between both of you. This will lead to your pet being happier and healthier. As such, your pet will also begin to learn his or her boundaries within the house when you are not around.

At the end of the day, you want to do everything you can to encourage your pet and make him or her as comfortable and safe as possible. By keeping these tips in mind, you will create an independent environment perfect for any pet.


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