Fun Camping Activities For The Whole Family

Its getting to be that time of the year again where we all start to spend a little bit more time outdoors enjoying the warm weather. There is almost nothing as exciting as playing outside and enjoying mother nature after a very long, snowy and cold winter. This is also a great time to start making some memories your family that will be remembered forever. Its that time of the year to go camping! Maybe your the family who are a little bit more of the extremist and love to go backpacking, white water rafting or summit mountains! Or maybe your the family that just loads up the mini van, drives to the local campground and peacefully enjoys the weekend. Regardless of what you do you will have fun and enjoy your time. There are many things that you can do in order to truly enjoy your trip. Hopefully this list will give you somewhat of an idea of what you can plan to do with your family and loved ones this summer.



Almost every campground or camping site has a trail that you can go hiking on and see mother nature. You dont have to go on long hard core hikes, you can go somewhere that is not hard on the kids but they might see deer running threw the forest of lots of pretty birds. You can ask the local rangers where the best places are to hike and which ones are also the most beautiful. Make sure you take lots of water and plan accordingly, if its a longer hike bring snacks or even a lunch so you will have plenty of lunch for when you need it most.



You can scout out campsites that have biking trails and small day trails that you can bring your kids with. If you have toddlers on training wheels check to see if the trails have been man made or are rocky. The last thing you would want to do is go a mile down the trail and have to turn around because your were not prepared.



This is fun for anyone who has a GPS or smart phone. The whole point is that someone hides a small box somewhere, anywhere really! You get a coordinated from a source or website and follow it on your GPS. Once you find the cache you sign the peace of paper saying that you found it and sometimes they have a take an item, leave an item. Kids love these because it makes them feel like they are on a treasure hunt. Most of them are pretty easy to find and you wont need any heavy equipment, most of the time you might have to move a rock or small bolder. You can also check the information about the cache to see what kind of tools you would need to bring in order to find it. Some might say “bring shovel or batteries for drilling and mining tools.”



This is just a classic and this list would seem incomplete without camping all time greatest past time. Bring lots of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. Be sure you bring extras because your kids will love to catch them on fire. Just be sure they know not to fling it around and get flaming hot marshmallow goo all over the place. Other things that you can bring that are good with smores are other candys like reeses peanut butter cups or other candies. You can try to roast other fun and surprisingly tasty treats like starburst.


These are just a few things that can really make the camping trip worth while and create some great memories with your family. Remember to check all the rules at the campgrounds and respect mother nature so others can enjoy the environment for years to come.

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