How To Decide on a Gift for Your Child

Deciding on a gift for anyone, let alone your child, can be difficult. Will they like it? Will they hate it? Will they pretend to like it and just throw it away when they take it home? You’ll never know their reaction, and that’s half the fun. Here’s a short guide to help you make great present choices when it comes to your kids.

Knowing Your Child

Sometimes you just know exactly what to give your child, and at other times it seems really difficult. Not only does personality make a difference, but age does too. For instance, a child of four or five is more like to enjoy a toy than a thirteen year old is. Take a look around their room – what do you see? Posters of a favourite musician, books by a favourite author or much-loved toys sprawled across the floor? It should tell you what they like and which belongings are simply gathering dust at the bottom of their wardrobe.

Use Your Imagination    

Don’t just walk into a shop and buy the first thing that you see that fits the bill. Be a bit creative and think about a gift that will really suit them and they’ll love. Handmade gifts – when done well – are an excellent way to both save money and give a child something that they’ll treasure for years to come. Something that is personalised often goes down well with children too.

Go for a Mix

To inspire real delight in a child, lots of little things are much more fun. A mixture of the usual DVDs, gadgets and clothes can work well, especially when they’re thrown in with a trip out somewhere, or something more expensive like a bike. Take a look at The Discovery Store for some inspiration.

Take Inspiration from TV

Kids love TV shows, so if there’s something that they’ve been watching, then merchandise is a great choice. For older kids and teens, they may enjoy the box set, or a TV show similar to the one they’ve been watching. Just make sure they haven’t already seen it!

Encourage Your Child to Give

Whilst a child is unlikely to be happy if you have given all their toys away to someone else for their birthday or Christmas, including a present that gives something to someone else encourages caring and sharing. This works particularly well if you sponsor a child in Africa or a snow leopard or something similar, as you’ll get updates and your child can see the benefits on a regular basis.


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