Living with a Full House: Preparing for Multiples

Becoming a new parent will always be one of life’s most exciting and rewarding moments, but it also does not come without its fair share of demands from the would-be mother and father. It’s critical that the expecting couple are prepared to deal with the emotional and financial demands that parenthood can bring, and this goes doubly so for parents of multiples.

For mothers and fathers who’ve just found out that their first will come in a batch instead of as a single, it’s not surprising that a large portion of their excitement transforms into worry. This is the point where it becomes important to sit down and plan for a family that might be bigger than initially expected.

Here are some suggestions to help make the transition to parenthood easier for those expecting multiples.

1) Join or develop a support group – Sometimes all it takes is having family members around to pitch in occasionally, while sometimes it’s about finding other people in the area who’ve gone through a similar situation. Organizations like Tamba and are dedicated to providing the necessary educational and emotional support for families with multiples in the UK. Plan ahead – money will always be a critical factor for all parents, and learning to budget properly will help keep situations calm and level. Purchase according to needs instead of wants, and purchase products like clothing that provide quality at affordable costs. Whether parents choose to take advantage of sales at M&S or utilize quality second hand items, it’s important to keep the budget in check.

2) Take a time out – The financial hurdles are just part of the challenges being blessed with multiples can bring, the emotional and mental ones are another. The couple needs to maintain constant communication and to provide the necessary support they expect and deserve as a team. OneSpace, a support group for single parents, are able to help single mothers or fathers get past the rough times of parenthood.

With proper planning, handling multiple children will transform itself into a challenge and into being blessed with more people to share the love.

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