Simple gift ideas for small babies

Buying gifts for young children always seems like it is going to be a whole lot of fun, but it is often a lot harder than people think. The reality is that little person before they can even talk or walk, don’t have many preferences around gifts. And as such the range of what can be bought for them is small. At the same time however the number of friends and family who want to get involved in the gifting process is large. In short, there are a lot of people vying to buy a limited number of gifts. So, what can you get to set yourself apart or to avoid being completely boring? Here are a few ideas to help you, delight baby and all the baby gifts delivered throughout Australia !


Teething toys

No matter how different one baby is from another there is one thing that they will all have in common. They are all growing and developing, and they will all go through a grinchy stage when they start to teeth. It is perfectly natural really, their soft gums, which in most instances have never even eaten solid food, are suddenly being torn apart from the inside by sharp teeth. So, if you want to win at the gifting game look to find something like a teething giraffe or a similar child-friendly toy. Teething toys are designed to ensure that there are no parts that can break off and act as choking hazards, leaving the parents to sleep soundly while baby gnaws away at the toy.



The child psychologist Piaget was a huge proponent of mobiles. Of course, in his time mobile was not the device that is also called a cellular telephone, it was a thing with multiple moving parts that hung on a string above baby’s cot. What his studies showed, however, is that in terms of early childhood development the stimulation afforded by a mobile did incredible things for young children. It was his recommendation that every child should have one of these objects in their field of vision as much as possible. Modern-day versions of the old mobile are very fancy. Different shapes and colours, some that make noises. There are many versions available and they are good for little children. Get one – it is cheap, and it will play a great role in helping the baby reach its full potential in later life.



A child who is read to in its formative years will grow older and love books. And as we all know books are knowledge and knowledge is power. As such a love of books equates to a love of knowledge which in turn suggests a bright future for the child. Books also mean the creation of a special time for parents to read to their little ones. It is intimate bonding time and as much as it develops a love of books in the child it also goes a long way to building the relationship between child and parent. Ask anyone who was read to as a child if they have fond memories of the time and they will almost certainly respond in the affirmative.




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