Things to Consider When Your Child Moves From Cot to Bed

Now that your child is outgrowing their cot, you’re probably thinking about moving them to a real bed. It’s normal to feel a bit apprehensive about this period of change as you’ll be wondering how your child will cope being somewhere strange and new to them. You’ll also be wondering where on earth the time has gone; it’s hard to accept that your son or daughter isn’t a tiny baby anymore! But ultimately you know that you have to make the decision shortly; to help you on your way here are a few things that might be helpful to consider:


The type of bed

Now that you’re starting to plan how you’ll move your child into their first bed, the first thing to think about is what type you will buy. I’ve always found that low structures work well for little ones as it is easy for them to climb in and out of, as well as being safer if they have a tendency to roll around a lot in the night. If you’re really worried about them falling, you can find some cots that you can slowly convert into a bed; this might be ideal for you.


Make it exciting

With my own kids, I realised they were much more receptive to the new experience if they found it exciting. My little girl loved Dora the Explorer so me and my husband did a themed bed for her – it was pink and purple and had the character on the duvet cover. My son was much the same but loved Thomas the Tank Engine; he absolutely loved the bed and couldn’t wait to sleep in it.


Think about comfort

Of course it is just as important to think about how comfortable the bed is. As a parent you wouldn’t want to sleep on something lumpy or squishy, so why would your child? We had bought all of our cot pillows from Cushy ( so we went back on the website to get new pillows and duvets for the proper beds too.


Things to remember

It’s all well and good making it look and feel good for your child, but there are a couple more things that are helpful to remember. The first of these is that waterproof mattress protectors (from are absolutely essential for your son or daughter’s bed. When it comes to kids, there are plenty of accidents that can occur! Whether it’s because they need the toilet or because they’ve spilled their drink, kids know how to make lots of mess!


Finally, it is likely that you’ll have some teething problems during this period. It doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong; kids simply take different amounts of time to adjust. You might want to leave a baby monitor in their room at first, but make sure they don’t know that it’s there or else they’ll be screaming for your attention. Getting into a routine is key, so when you’ve cracked it, try and stick with it.


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