Tips for Teething Tots

You know it’s coming – the screaming, the drooling, the flushed cheeks of your baby – indicating they are teething. No parent wants to see their child in pain, and especially when they are too young to be able to understand your reassuring words. Cuddles and extra patience are required when your baby begins to teethe. This will be a challenging time for the whole family. Expect fractured sleep, cranky moods and a generally unsettled little one. As a parent you will try and make this time as comfortable for your child as possible.

Here are a few tried and tested solutions used by mums all over the globe:-

Ice Ice Baby

When your little one’s gums are red, swollen and hot then give them a homemade ice lolly to suck on. The coolness will help with the pain and the sweetness will provide a tasty distraction. It is better to make your homemade popsicles with some low-sugar juice. Remember that concentrated juice is high in sugar, so dilute with water. Some people even like to freeze their breast milk; this is a nutritious option for the baby.

Frozen fruit, cut up into small chunks is also a good option for your baby to suck and gnaw on. Watermelon, cucumber and strawberries are all tasty healthy alternatives.

Toy Story

There is an abundance of teething products on the market for your child. You just need to find the right one. Some people like to give their child teething rings or specially designed teething toys. There are so many options available such as a baroque style amber bracelet or anklet, like the ones from Amber Pumpkin, which can help soothe and calm your baby.

Medical Remedy

There are many remedies available too, some are traditional, natural gels and syrups. Other medicines have been specially designed for children struggling with pain during the teething period. These medicines usually have a gentle anaesthetic in them which helps to numb your baby’s gums. But like any medicine, the guidelines and instructions should be checked thoroughly first to see if it is suitable.

Sparkling Smiles  

It is such a milestone in your child’s early life, when their teeth begin to peep through. As soon as their little gnashers do start to make an appearance, then you need to begin taking care of them. It is helpful to get your child used to this early on, so brushing teeth becomes part of their daily routine.


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