Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Social Work

Whether you’re thinking about a career change or pursuing a career for the first time, social work may be your best option for many reasons. For instance, you may possess important qualities needed for the career like:

  • Compassion: To work with people who are in difficult, stressful situations. Therefore, it’s important to be compassionate and empathic to clients.
  • Organizational skills: Have the ability to multi-task in managing paperwork and assisting clients. Thus, good organizational skills are needed to complete your job efficiently.
  • Listening skills: Must be able to listen and understand their clients to effectively help your clients.
  • Time-management skills: Have the ability to manage their time efficiently to provide the best service to all your clients.

Top 5 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Social Work

Figuring out whether a career in social work is a good fit for your career goals depends on many things like education and personal and professional goals. For example, if you’re pursuing for something in the field of education, then you’d have to read these mytefl reviews. The following are the top five reasons you may want to pursue a career in this important field:

1. Make a Difference in a Person’s Life
As a social worker, you are the person people seek out to help them with their difficult situations. Whether its housing, literacy training, education or food, you are the person who helps them cope with the challenges in their lives. You are there to support, encourage and find the resources to assist your clients.

2. Connecting with Your Community
Many individuals want to make a positive impact in their community through their professional work. As a social worker, you have two general ways to make your positive mark in your community: a direct-service social worker or clinical social worker. A direct-service social worker helps individuals cope and solve their problems such as drug abuse, loss of employment or mental health issues. A clinical social worker diagnoses and treats individuals with behavioral, emotional and/ or mental health issues. Regardless of the type of social worker you chose to become, you’re the one with the access to resources and referrals your clients need to improve their situations.

3. Quick Degree Option to Pursue
Many public sector jobs take a lot of education before you can start improving people’s lives. However, social work is a relatively fast degree to pursue. In fact, you can work on your degree and help clients. To pursue a career in social work requires at least a four-year degree. The bachelor’s degree in social work (BSW) allows you to pursue entry-level positions in the field.

For more advanced positions, you need a two-year master’s degree in social work (MSW). An online MSW gives you the education to handle supervisory duties, clinical assessments and handle a large number of clients. Many schools allow you to earn your BSW and MSW at the same time. Other degree options include a one year MSW if you already have a BSW and earning a MSW with any type of bachelor’s degree.

4. Flexible Career Options
Social work is one of the careers where you have the option to make a difference in people’s lives in a variety of ways. In fact, the social work career field is so diverse; you can focus your career on your specific interest. For example, if you want to help children, you may be interested in child welfare. This area of social work helps children who may have been neglected or abused by their caregivers.

Medical and public health is perfect for you if you want to make sure your clients are taken care of in facilities like nursing homes and even emergency rooms. If you’re interested in helping people win the battle of substance abuse or mental health, this may be high on your list of reasons to pursue social work. The social work opportunities are limitless.

5. Always a need for Social Workers
Job security is always a huge factor when pursuing any career. In fact, it’s often the second on the list when people are picking their career options. Social work is one known for its job security. There will always be communities and private and public sector agencies that need your social work expertise. Thus, you may be able to find a social work position quickly.


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