Would You Know If Your Partner Was Cheating?

We would all like to think our relationships are going to last forever. Sadly, the truth is not always so rosy. Like it or not, some people are less than honest with their loved ones and many play away at some point. With that in mind, we thought you might like to read through a basic guide that offers advice about how to spot a love rat and guide to hire family attorneys in Festus. While a break-up might be the last thing you want at this time of year, letting them get away with infidelity simply isn’t acceptable. If your partner does one or more of the things listed below, it might be worth engaging in some further investigations.7


There are a lot of experts around at the moment who can offer assistance. While you don’t want to jump the gun, you might need some help if you want to investigate their movements. That is especially the case if you own a home together and have children. Providing evidence to the courts during divorce proceedings could aid you in getting a better settlement.

They disappear for hours with no explanation

You don’t have to live in each other’s pockets, but most couples let each other know what they’re doing throughout the day. If your partner is constantly disappearing with no explanation, it could mean they are secretly having an affair. When that only happens once or twice, there is probably nothing to worry about. It is only when they do it regularly you should be concerned.

They don’t answer their phone

We all have mobile phones these days, and most people keep them in their trouser pockets. So, there is often no excuse for not answering calls. Presuming your partner is regularly hard to get hold of, it could mean they are avoiding your efforts to make contact. Why would they do that? Well, there are a million and one reasons, but you should never overlook the possibility they’re with someone else.

They have an extra phone

One of the most obvious telltale signs your partner is having an affair relates to them owning a second phone. The only reason someone would want to keep certain conversations away from others is if they’re up to no good. If you find your partner has an alternative mobile, you should cease it immediately as evidence. The messages and photos on that device could be enough to ensure you get good results during divorce proceedings.

They spend money from your accounts without good reason

Lastly, you might want to think about digging a little deeper if your partner is continually spending money but coming home with no goods. Of course, you can simply ask them where the cash went. If their explanation doesn’t quite add up, it could be because they have something to hide. It is difficult to cover your tracks when taking other people out for expensive meals.

If your partner does any of those things, you should start investigating them immediately. The last thing you want to do is make plans for the future with someone who is less than honest. It is much better to nip your relationship in the bud now and find a new partner.

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